BugMuncher allows your customers to submit feedback and bug reports with screenshots straight from any browser, no need for plugins.

They can also add highlights and comments to the screenshots, as well as hide any sensitive information.

What They See is What You Get

BugMuncher's innovative screenshot engine means the screenshot you receive will exactly match what the person submitting the feedback report saw, including any browser specific rendering issues.

All the information you need

BugMuncher automatically captures all the information you'd usually have to ask for, including:

  • Browser and Operating System Details
  • Full User Agent String
  • Screen size and resolution
  • Which Browser Plugins are installed
  • The users language and geo-location
  • The path they took through your site (see Javascript log)

Lightweight - just 8 KB

When it comes to your website, speed is king. The last thing you want is something slowing your site down.

This is why BugMuncher doesn't just rely on modern browsers asynchronous loading of external scripts. BugMuncher is also meticulously engineered to be small and light weight, with just two files, totalling 8.1 KB.

JavaScript Request and Error log

BugMuncher even captures a log of JavaScript errors and AJAX requests that happen on your site before the feedback report is submitted.

When available, the errors logged will even include a full stack trace, as well as the Javascript file, line and column which triggered the error, which is vital for debugging Javascript errors in minified files on your production environment.

Works with your favourite tools

BugMuncher integrates with hundreds of third party issue trackers, support desks and other tools.

BugMuncher integrates directly with the following apps:

With more direct integrations being added regularly.

BugMuncher can also integrate with over 200 other third party tools through Zapier, including Basecamp, Redmine, Visual Studio and Google Tasks

Unbranded and customizable

The BugMuncher feedback button contains no branding, and can be completely customized in style, text, and position match your website

You can even remove the default button entirely and use your own button, or trigger BugMuncher to open on any custom event.

Supports all Browsers

BugMuncher works in all current web browsers, as well many old browsers, even down to Internet Explorer 9!

Easy to use, simple to install

The BugMuncher user interface is deliberately simple. Rather than bombarding your users with unnecessary tools and confusing options, BugMuncher opts for an intuitive interface that allows anyone to submit detailed feedback reports containing all the information you'll need to act on them.

Once you've created your BugMuncher account, you can add BugMuncher to your website by simply adding a small Javascript snippet, everything else is taken care of by BugMuncher's servers, all without affecting your site's load speed.