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November 2017 Income Report

04 Dec 2017

November was only really a half-month for me, as Sophie and I went on our honeymoon. Even with my half-assed effort, revenue stayed pretty steady, only dropping into negative growth right at the end of the month.

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October 2017 Income Report

01 Nov 2017

It’s doing that thing again. The universe. It’s doing that creepy karma thing.

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September 2017 Income Report

03 Oct 2017

Fucking hell! September was a crazy month for BugMuncher, and not in a good way. Based on August, and how I knew I wouldn’t be dedicating much time to BugMuncher in September, I didn’t expect to have a very good month, but what I wasn’t expecting was my most active month in terms of subscribers.

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August 2017 Income Report

04 Sep 2017

Well shit. I mean, it was bound to happen eventually, and considering that over the last two months BugMuncher hasn’t received a great deal of attention from me, I really shouldn’t be surprised. But happen it did. BugMuncher entered recession, I finished the month with a loss in Monthly Recurring Revenue for the first time since I started working on it full time:

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Do You Really Need a JavaScript Framework?

31 Aug 2017

A while back, I built a new BugMuncher control panel using the JavaScript framework Ember.js, in order to make use of the REST API back-end I’d also been working on. Deciding to go with a JavaScript framework for the control panel, instead of building it entirely in Ruby on Rails, is easily my biggest regret with regards to BugMuncher. And that includes re-writing the entire code-base from scratch. Twice.

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July 2017 Income Report

07 Aug 2017

To borrow a phrase from Patrick McKenzie (or patio11 as you may know him), this month I put BugMuncher in to maintenance mode. This basically means I didn’t put much time in, and when I did it was only for customer support and bug fixes.

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June 2017 Income Report

05 Jul 2017

I’ll warn you in advance, this isn’t going to be my most interesting update, simply because I had a really busy month, and wasn’t able to focus as much time as I’d have liked on BugMuncher.

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The UK Government is Technologically Clueless

06 Jun 2017

In a speech following the terrorist attack in London last week, UK Prime Minister Theresa May pledged to “regulate cyberspace to prevent the spread of extremism and terrorism planning” and to ensure there is no “safe space for terrorists to be able to communicate online”. This statement shows just how out of touch and clueless the government is in these matters.

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May 2017 Income Report

01 Jun 2017

The universe is watching me. It knows. That’s the only explanation. The universe knows how much time and effort I’m putting in to BugMuncher and rewards me accordingly.

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April 2017 Income Report

03 May 2017

Usually, I hate the phrase ‘emotional roller coaster’, but fuck me, was April an emotional roller coaster. It started well, really well, I was up $260 monthly recurring revenue in the first week! Then in the middle of the month things started to go down hill.

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